N scale CN transfer van

3D printed N scale CN transfer van posed with HO scale for comparison

3D printed N scale CN transfer van posed with HO scale for comparison

The computer where I do my drafting and most of these blog posts is in my dining room, almost tucked directly under my layout. When I look up from the screen I can see this lovely model (seen in the above photo taken on Taylor’s workbench) on my layout and I still can’t believe I have one. I’ve been fooling around with a pile of 3D printing projects lately but this is one of my favourites. Furthermore the printer at Shapeways is now at a level, with regard to print resolution, that the quality is getting appreciably better. The model photographed above has not been sanded at all to remove any surface grain – pretty impressive eh?! Speaking of impressive this when I drew the windows on this little model I undercut the back face of each wall in the area of the window so that when glazing is added it’s almost flush. The model is nicely detailed with everything from class lights and rain gutters but it does not include the railings as they’d just be too large (and fragile) if printed. Yup, I feel pretty proud of this model and I’m looking forward to showing it off.

For more details on the model, check it out on the Shapeways website:

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4 replies

  1. Hi Chris love your parts line.Is it possible to have you make (@ Shapeways) a more scale rendition of the RS 3/10/18 just like the ones made brass/bronze

    • Thanks for the kind words Jim. I’m nit sure I understand your question. Shapeways can print in metals like brass or bronze but the cost is very high. I’d be tempted to use a printed plastic master and cast copies in metal.

  2. Are you leaving the parts line forever?I delayed ordering from Shapeways until this past week to see that you apparently deleted the parts line.I was looking for 3 more RS 18 short hoods…and a few other parts for my Atlas conversions in HO.

    • Yes. I have deleted the parts line.

      As always, it’s truly wonderful to hear from someone who has used the parts to create models. I’m proud of having had the chance to create the parts and try the Shapeways service.

      Thank you for the note.


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