Take The Railfan Five Challenge!

My friend Eric Gagnon recently posed a challenge over on his blog titled Take The Railfan Five Challenge!

In the above post, he introduces the challenge and outlines some ideas on how to participate. I’m excited to accept this challenge from Eric. Now my job is to sort through my photos to find five that really mean something to me and equally could be used to introduce my interests. The pictures can be of real or model trains, they can be poor quality, and they don’t have to be related. The only catch is that I either took the picture or they are of me. Once I’ve posted my five it’s my turn to extend this invitation to two more of my friends and to encourage them to share some pictures. I’ll be sharing my photos here on Prince Street but they can be shared anywhere such as on a forum, Facebook, or perhaps even a dedicated album on an internet photo site. The focus here is in the fun of trying to find these five photos that help illustrate the story of who we are as railfans and model railroaders. I don’t doubt that I’ll have a pile of fun digging through albums and I’m hoping to maybe trip over some inspiration during that adventure. Eric’s already posted his five photos and I encourage you to take a look by clicking on the link below:

I think I know which five photos I’ll share and need to get that post framed out so I can get it into production. As for who I’ll nominate, it’s hard to decide but I think I know that too. Heck, I may even follow Eric’s lead and nominate a few extras to see if we can grow this idea. All of this dovetails so nicely in with my thoughts on storytelling and I’m looking forward to participating.

In closing his introduction, Eric proposed that if we weren’t able to share the photos maybe we would individually consider a donation to a local railway historical society or similar venture. October is my birth month and I’ve been adopting a reversed approach to gifts for my birthday and have been trying to find a way to give back instead of receiving so I’ll probably pitch in here. More on this soon too.

Thanks Eric for starting this one. It should be great fun.

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