Ed’s Railfan Five

Here’s an exciting first for Prince Street: my first guest blog. I’ll keep my words to a minimum here since I really want to draw attention to Ed’s five photos and the wonderful story he weaves around each one. I like how this challenge affords each of us an opportunity to introduce our interests but no man ever stands alone and with each photo it’s hard to separate out those people who are so much a part of each frame.

I’m going to go make myself another coffee, so from here on out, it’s all Ed.


I want to thank Chris for putting me up to this challenge from Steve Boyko. I have so many interests with Transportation that it is hard to keep focused….Squirrel! I have to thank my friend the late Tim Reid for in inspiring me to photograph the prototypes. I originally set out to take mostly roster shots for modelling purposes before I realized that in this fast changing world that many of the photos would eventual be considered “historical”. Tim was very special in his passion for VIA Rail and Canadian Short lines, that is where I acquired my love of the Quebec Gatineau Railway. It is so hard to choose 5 photos from the thousands I have. So in tribute to Tim, I am going to post 5 memorable photos from a semi annual Railfan trip we would take. The trips would start in the Ottawa and Gatineau area and we would work our way down the QGRY through Thurso, Bucckingham, Masson, Rigauld and wind up at CAD Rail in Montreal with a stop at Coteau on the way home.

OCR 1859
OCR 1859

One of those annual trips consisted of the OCR Open House, we would always arrive promptly at 9:00am for the opening to get a cab ride in one of the RS18’s. 1859 was getting prepped for the days visitors.

EMD 7102
EMD 7102

At the OCR Open house we were treated to a very rare unit. This is the EMD ECO unit fresh from the shop on its first run. It was preparing to depart the yard on a revenue trip. I wish I had video with sound as it was very odd to hear the whine of the turbo in the former GP9.

QGRY 2005
QGRY 2005

I did mention my love of the QGRY so no trip would have been complete without some QGRY photos. This is not one of my better photos but I want to stay with the trips I took with Tim. One of the most interesting trips was watching the switching at the Bowater plant. The train had to cross the 148 and they did not hesitate. As they crossed the road (several times) the cars on the road kept passing the train and going as far as driving the opposite lane to get by while the train was moving. We both commented that the scene would be complete with either clown/circus music or the Benny Hill Theme!

Thusro & Nation Valley 5133
Thusro & Nation Valley 5133

While in Thurso I managed to catch a very illusive unit at the Mill. The Mill was typically surround by hundreds of boxcars and their switcher was always buried in the yard somewhere. We where very lucky this year and with the telephoto I was able to get a photo of their 70 tonner

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