My morning coffee, trackside.

Were it placed in a basement room or an attic, the act of checking in on my layout would be an effort. Not a great or negative effort but I would have to make a conscious choice to do stuff. That might mean that I just don’t get much done. Given its location here in the dining room I see it every morning while enjoying my morning coffee. Instead of leafing through a magazine or watching TV I can switch it on and move a car on a siding or just appreciate having it. As I’ve mentioned before, the choice to have it here wasn’t my first or favourite idea but I’ve really come to like it for the way it is a part of my everyday life – as it is me. It’s been a while since I shared some photos of how it’s coming along and I figured it might be time.

Everything about this layout has been an exercise in doing something instead of just thinking about it. What I find so enjoyable about this layout is that it exists without purpose beyond providing a palette for experimentation. My focus remains squarely on enjoying the activity and reflecting on what I learned. It’s a big canvas on which to experiment and this approach is something I wish I had done before.

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  1. Looks like fun, Chris. Sip ‘n’ switch! Just doin’ it!

    • Indeed. Lance Mindheim coined the idea of an “instant on” layout and I have this here. It’s easy to get to and easy to get started on. While it’s not a layout of a lifetime it’s exactly what I need right now and just perfect to keep my focus while I develop a strong sense of where I’m going.

      Thanks Eric



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  2. Alco’s in the cornbelt | Prince Street

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