The days between. Twenty minutes at a time.

Hi, I let my enthusiasm to post an update outrun the benefit of tidying up this post. I shouldn’t have let it go in the state that I did and I’m fixing it now.


DSC01330Last Sunday I posted about the layout in its new location and the opportunity to start over. Though I’m far from settling on the design I do have some givens that I am can work with:

  1. The location in the living room
  2. That I need the storage underneath for my books and magazines
  3. That I’ll likely be re-using the benchwork

With the layout’s styrofoam top gone I was left with a big open area. To help me to visualise the space and how things could be arranged within it I thought I’d tack down some corrugated cardboard over top. I can sketch directly on this surface, even place scenic elements and test their placement. Of course, I can move track sections around now too. Speaking of track sections, I’ve printed off another mess of turnout templates from the Fast Tracks website. These will be really useful to help me locate sidings and just general plan the feel of operations. I’ve been sticking to my “do something” plan and picking away just a little bit each day.

This pace feels great and fills the time nicely while I ponder greater architectural decisions.



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  1. Big ideas are composed of several small ones and a layout is the sum of many little steps.

    • So very true Mike.

      Very few of those steps are sequential and we should do those that we can now and in their completion realise how much further down the road we’ve moved ourselves.



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