New Hampshire and Vermont #405 in 1993

I’ve referred to watching the New Hampshire and Vermont Railroad at St. Johnsbury, Vermont, before. Memories of chasing RSC14’s here on PEI made watching the NHVT’s RS11 in person all that much more meaningful. I’d seen this video posted on Youtube before and thought I’d post a copy here now for those that haven’t seen it already and because the style of railroading here really reflects that which I had in mind for the plan I’ve shared.

I went to St. Johnsbury to chase CP in Vermont and hoping to catch memories of the Lamoille Valley or it’s predecessors. The town never failed to let me down.

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  1. Lovely video, Chris. This is almost more about listening to the train and ambient sounds than it is about watching the video. If ever there was an example of why a Soundtraxx Soundcar is a wonderful addition to ones layout, this is it.

    I’ve been wrestling with the temptation to upsize my layout plans to the Guelph sub centred on Kitchener, but your thoughts in this thread and this video have certainly pushed me back towards concentrating on the Waterloo spur. A slower pace gives more space to enjoy the layout, at least for me in the context of a very busy family and work life. We’ll see where it goes.

    Looking forward to keeping in touch more via your blog.

    Robin Talukdar

    • Thanks Robin

      It’s really neat to hear from you. I think I remember first hearing about your own layout projects on the Model Rail Radio podcast and pretty quickly checking out your own blog. I like what you’re up to and keen to see where it all goes. I remembered reading Trevor’s article, the one that inspired your own Pine Street layout, and thinking about how well a similar approach could work back on the eight foot shelf I was working on last year.

      I agree that in the video it is the audio that is as much the focus as any visual. We’ve made so many advances in the sound the model locomotive is producing, really amazing advances, but still not as much on the layout environment itself. I’m keen to learn more about sound in the cars. Equally, I wonder how we can replicate the sound of the track itself. Wouldn’t it be neat if we could get that sound a large empty rail car makes or that pop from the ties as the train creeps over?

      You raised an excellent point in your thoughts about expanding the Waterloo Spur layout. I’m learning that I’m lucky in not having “enough room” for my own ambitions. Were I able to find the extra space I’d like to invest every inch of it in a longer main. The railroading I’m more and more drawn to is that of a slower pace and having the extra length of run really allows a chance to watch my models easing their way along light rails. Of course, that extra space demands equal treatment and might just compete with the time and resources I already have or don’t. Instead, perhaps the focus should be on what we can produce instead of what we feel we could be doing?

      Thanks again for the comment. Great to hear from you.


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