The track plan

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about an idea for my space and described it in terms of a mock operating session. I should have included something of a sketch to accompany that post and thought I’d make up for that now.

Approximately 1-1/2" = 12"

Approximately 1-1/2″ = 12″

In the layout, I saw it as an excerpt of a larger junction station. Though I didn’t realise it when I first started moving lengths of track and stuff around I’m essentially revisitng an idea I’d written about before (see A Little From A Lot). Though I described the plan in terms of a favourite Vermont shortline the plan itself draws heavily on observations of Prince Edward Island railroading. As the expanded sketch illustrates, I’m selecting track to support particular movements and trying to focus on the inter-relationship between the activity on each type of track.

In the sketch I included a length of track running along the backdrop. I had been thinking it would be useful as a place to feed cars into the scene from. Otherwise I’m relying on easy access to a sector plate buried at one end of the line.

I won’t ramble on too much about this, I meant to include the sketch with the previous post and didn’t. Here it is. Since creating that first mock operating session I’ve been reflecting on a few alternatives for this space and I’m looking forward to exploring those over the coming days and weeks.

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