To create and to observe all for the same low price

We were both fascinated by this late nineteenth-century moment when technologies wore their functions on their sleeve, so to speak; they hadn’t sunk their structure into chips and black boxes. One of the things that has made working together so appealing has been that we were both interested in this notion of embodied ideas, of very abstract things worked out in the material world. -Peter Galison

This morning I read the above quote and thought it had bore relevance for model railways. Perhaps this is another of the reasons why we find this hobby so appealing? I live in a world where many of the functional parts are, as Galison describes, often hidden from view and I know that I find watching a model railway enjoyable. The reward here being two-fold: First the satisfaction derived from assembling a turnout from collection of ties and rail and later watching a train rolling through it without derailing.

The rest of the interview is here:



    1. I couldn’t agree more.

      Though my own layouts have always favoured the diesel era but I’ll confess to a fondness for the simple lines and motion of great 19th century steam power.



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