Monday’s update

curved done wye started

Feeling pretty good about the first turnout I figured I’d start work on the second of the three I’ll need. I still have to fit the point blades but otherwise this is coming along quite nicely.

As mentioned, the ties on the curved turnout are spaced wider than they should be. I originally hoped I could tell myself it was okay and that I’d just leave well enough alone but seeing it compared to the wye I really must go back and fix it. I’ll keep pondering on exactly how I’ll complete this rebuild since I don’t want to risk moving the rails. I think I can replace the ties a few at a time and just work across the turnout tightening things up.

For now, I don’t have to do anything about it though beyond appreciating how much I enjoyed the work and how pleased I am with even this progress.


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  1. Maybe you should think about the age and use of the track before ripping out those too-wide ties, Chris. Secondary track can have pretty broad tie spacing.

    • Thanks.

      I had been holding off initially under that same pretense. This turnout is on the main, such that it is.

      The whole template was printed with the same tie spacing that I’m now questioning and it looked okay in 2D, printed on paper. Having laid one turnout with that spacing and one closer to what I now think I want to use, I think I’m preferring the latter. Truth be told, even the tighter spacing I’m working with on the second turnout is a bit further apart than they should be.

      That curved turnout just works so well when I roll cars through it I’m really hesitant to tear into it right now. Luckily there’s a pile of work waiting to be done before I even need to worry about the ties again. For now, I’ll leave both well enough alone.



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