Turnout fixed. That’s good.

I remember how great it was to put together the first turnout for the layout. It wasn’t until I started working on the second that I really noticed the tie spacing on that first one. I figured I could fix it but managed to successfully find reasons to put doing so, off. This evening, it was time to finally get this done.


So, that’s what I started with. It works well and, excepting the tie spacing, I thought it looked really nice.

DSC01627Based on the tie spacing I had, I figured if I removed approximately every second tie, in its place I could fit in two. Starting from the frog end, everything worked pretty much to plan. This is probably the first time I’ve moved this many ties around and I know it’s the first time I’ve been okay with the occasional burnt one.

DSC01631It was an interesting project. By only moving a couple of ties at a time, I wasn’t so preoccupied with gauging rails and lining pieces up. In all, it did still take about as long to rebuild this one compared to what it probably would have taken if I’d just started over from scratch.

DSC01635With the ties replaced, I thought I’d trim the ties to their final length. While this evening’s focus was on the turnout itself, by completing this task I’m much closer to installing it on the layout. That, of course, brings me one heck of a lot closer to running a train again.


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