Details West turnout parts

Speaking of catching up things, I remember several modellers referring to detail parts for HO scale turnouts made by Details West. I told myself that I’d have to go check that out and that someday is here. Boy, these are some really neat parts. I love that feeling of seeing a model part so neat or so well executed that it makes me want to buy it. Until now, though I’d used their parts a long time ago it never occurred to me that they would even have a website. Here’s the link to their main page of turnout parts:

The last time I built some HO scale track for myself I used a mix of code 55 and 40 rail to represent the light track that was still in place on the Island. Scrolling down the above page, I found some photos they uploaded showing their parts on finished turnouts. Included in those photos was a set of a turnout they’d build, using their parts, and that light rail I just love. Check this out:

I’ll admit, I think it’s a darned shame that those lovely point blades are literally screwed into the throwbar. Overlooking that, the rest of the work is simply beautiful.

I could see ordering some of these. Anyone need a code 55 number eight?

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  1. Chris you should also have a gander at the neat stuff on the Proto87 Stores web

  2. Chris you should have a gander at the Proto87 Stores web pages.

    • Thanks for the link. It was Andy’s store that sent me down this tangent in the first place. I’m really keen to try his spikes and he looks like the best source for tie plates.

      I can’t get over how much really neat stuff there is for detailing HO scale track. It’s not something I ever looked into and it’s all very alluring.



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