Layout Designs by Bob Sprague

I used to download a bunch of model railroading podcasts to listen to at work. For one reason or another, I stopped and started to fall behind. I found, over the weekend, that the pendulum of my interests swung back in favour of these and I downloaded a pile of episodes of The Scotty Mason Show. During the part two of their The White Album show Scott (Scotty? I just don’t know) mentions a small layout he was thinking about building. He mentions that the layout was designed by Bob Sprague.

I had a few minutes and wandered off to go see if I could find a track plan online for this layout to feed my constant interest in small layouts. I see that Bob Sprague has a full website. The site itself is very nicely designed and he has several pages of layout designs on display:!more-layout-designs-by-bob-sprague/c11nw

I like his artwork and the style of layout he designs. Almost all of them are larger than my current space but each is enjoyable to look at and reflect on. I doubt I’ll ever tire of imagining the next layout so any chance to comb through layout plans like these is something I welcome.

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