Wiley wondering. Trolleys, not the coyote.

I know I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy Andy Gautrey’s Yakima Valley Railroad inspired model railways before so I’ll try and keep this brief. Something about this particular time of year always seems to cause the pendulum of my railroading interests to swing in the direction of trains under wires and I wanted to string together a great thread that associated some Youtube footage of his layout with a build thread he created over on RMWeb. I realise I’m creating this post as much for my own sake to help me track these links in the cloud that this blog provides.

First, here’s the build thread. Andy has peppered this one with great detail on how his Wiley City layout was constructed. In six square feet he’s produced what looks like such as satisfying layout:


From Youtube, a great video he produced that shows the layout. I believe this is one of those truly elegant creations that showcases how successful this design can be for the builder and the audience. I love it.

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