Eagle has landed

The subject for this blog post is the title from a thread on the RMWeb forums chronicling the development of what will be and already looks like a really nice modern American layout. Here’s the link:

I like the linear design and the use of the space. The layout seems to live in a very well lit space and I like the clean presentation. What I’m really liking, as I read through the thread, is how the design is the iterative approach to design. The builder has a vision for the layout but is willing to rewrite elements if they aren’t meeting his expectations. In terms of how he’s arranging the layout, I like that the layout offers a blend of facing and trailing point turnouts. There’s plenty of work to be done and even though every train works through the same length of line, it is made up and would leave the yard with that purpose in mind. I like that balance of work in planning what can be done in the next operating session, planning that goes beyond just what cars to switch and where to “how are we going to do this?” The layout looks like a pile of fun and the thread is one I’m definitely keen to keep checking in on for updates.



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