Two I prepared earlier

DSC01456Back when I staged that operating session I took the above photo (Geez, was January really that long ago!). Over that Templot plan I built the three turnouts that layout required.

curved done wye startedI’d like to pretend I’m some sort of wise old man of the N scale copperclad track building religion but instead I’m just some hack who works in a style that eventually results in good work, but is fueled by a need to forget that I was supposed to fix something along the way. In the case of the turnouts, I didn’t adjust the tie spacing in Templot for the drawing and subsequently forget to fix that when I built the turnouts. Perhaps it is my way of flirting with my own need to build a British 2mm scale layout, perhaps not, but I wound up making three very nice N gauge turnouts with very British tie spacing compared to what I’d use for proper Canadian ones. Of the three turnouts, I’ve since corrected that on two and need to address the problem on the third. As luck would have it, it’s that third I need for the layout.

Turnouts placed but not stuck down

Turnouts placed but not stuck down

Before I can stick these down, I have some work to do:

  • Fix the tie spacing
  • Install throwbars
  • Settle on a means to move the turnouts
  • Install feeder wires and power the frogs

Those last two items are really part of the same decision. I’m happy moving the point blades with my finger in the Peco style and using under-mounted DPDT slide switches to hold the rails in place and also manage the electrical polarity of the frog rails. What I’d like to do is not move these slides with some sort of under-table point rodding. I’d like a solution that contains everything right at the turnout. This should result in a clean fascia and also just feels more logical – I am right there at the turnout anyway. I’ve seen several great examples, online, of modellers who just installed the DPDT slide switch right on the layout and connect it to the turnout with a length of steel wire. I’d like to bury the slide a bit and am toying with the idea of mounting an N scale switchstand on the top of the slide. Moving the turnout would mean shoving that stand in that direction instead of rotating its handle. Not quite realistic but pretty close. I’ll use a micro slide so the throw isn’t that far and shouldn’t look too peculiar.

Luckily I have a very short attention span which means I have a lot of spare turnouts around from layouts I never built or finished so have a few that I could use to experiment with. I’ll update when I’ve settled on something. I need this to be sooner than later – the longer I put this off the less I’ll get done and the more likely I never will.


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