Good morning inspiration

Back to the Westlake Publishing forums this morning for some more inspiration over this morning’s coffee. Though I have been reading through some terrific build threads the one at the above link is one I’ll return to again and again. As I key this the thread has reached twenty-one pages in length and features work in 1:22.5 scale.

The modeling is set in an urban environment. I love how well details like the cobble stones in the street are rendered and the way each element of each scene seems to blend so naturally into each other. Given that the scale is so large, I’m also really fascinated with how each part of each model is a model – check out that gate hinge and latch assembly.

I’m writing this post as much for myself so I can remember it later on when I have some more time to re-read the thread and maybe even try out some of these techniques…in particular, those cobbles.

Thank you Simon for bringing to my attention that I’d originally quoted the scale incorrectly when I first posted this. I was searching for pages on 1/32 scale narrow gauge models when I came across this thread and must have still had it on my mind. Thanks!



  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for bringing that to a wider audience. One point, though: it is 1:22.5 scale (LGB scale on G1 track) and not 1/32.


    1. Thanks Simon. I will fix that reference in the post. I was searching for 1/32 narrow gauge when I found the thread in the first place. I must have still had it on my mind.



    1. I can’t put my finger on what I enjoyed the most from this thread. The skill is so wonderful to see. I like the design and plan of the scene in general and the way it provides even a small corner for so many places to try out a technique. Throughout it all there is just so much joy expressed in each post. Page after page of superb modelwork and folks enjoying how much fun that can be. It was very good to read through.


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