Stuck in the middle and blue

Mike Cougill added a new page to his website recently:

Talk about relevant. I saw one heck of a lot of myself in his words and I’m grateful to have matured enough, in terms of self-awareness, to understand that I need to change the way I’m approaching things if I’m to emerge from this funk. What I’m doing isn’t working and isn’t productive but I can, and damned well will, fix that. What I need to remind myself of is that I have such a powerful and positive connection to model railways and the problem isn’t whether or not I should be involved but more that I need to refine my practice; I may be doing it wrong but at least I’m doing it in the right place.

Thanks Mike for sharing that page. I wonder how many other modellers question their relationship with this craft and may even ultimately depart from it for the same reasons I’ve been pondering?

I think I wrote this for myself. It’s nice to have a place like this blog to help me visualize these ideas and realize their outcomes.


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