Beaconsfield magic

High on the adrenaline rush of trains already sighted, we were pacing that AMT West Island train and the temptation to indulge in a chase was too great. Between stations there would be no way we could keep up but the traffic was moving really nicely and, unlike the train, we didn’t need to stop at every station. I reasoned we could run as far as Beaconsfield and that distance might give us just enough time to park the car, grab the camera, and get out onto the platform in time for the train to arrive. With only minutes to spare we wheeled into the parking lot and with the car barely stopped we ran onto the platform in a manic style that really only those that have gone train chasing can truly know. We were in luck. The train hadn’t arrived yet and for those waiting on the platform, our mania provided a little evening rush hour entertainment. The evening’s sunset was just beautiful and I’m pretty proud of this set of photos.

Walking back to the car I remarked that it would be evening cooler if we got to see one of the evening VIA trains. No sooner did I finish that comment did it appear.

What a great pile of fun!


  1. Looks like Montreal was a rewarding a la carte experience, Chris!

    Visiting my grandmother in Valois always included a trip to the CP station. The smell of creosote. The barn swallows swooping into and out of the station eaves. The wait for a train and looking at the station’s black and white schedule board.

    Different memories, same place, just tripping!

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Fantastic memories, Eric. Thank you for sharing them.

      Most of the time railfanning is spent waiting (I remember your own post on time spent trackside waiting and how you spend it) and while waiting, we learn a lot about the place we’re waiting in. Often it is those smells and those subtle details that become the personality of one location or another.

      Standing on the platform and waiting for the train I started thinking about how many people have stood where I have waiting for the train as I was. That our reasons for being on that platform at that time might be different but we were all there to see the train. It’s a neat shared feeling.


  2. Nice sunset photos! I haven’t really railfanned in Montreal at all. One time I was connecting through Montreal and I had a few hours to wait, so I walked down to the Dorval train station and shot two VIA, one AMT and one CP train. Someday I’ll have more time in Montreal :)

    1. I’ve been to Dorval with the intent of watching AMT and then anything else that happens to be there. What I always think of, at this location, is how it’s the place where I have consistently had the worst experiences photographing trains – all of which is error on my fault (blurry shots, camera jammed, etc.)

      Great location. That said, Montreal West is a favourite these days when I can get there.


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