Better than I ever had

Canadian railfans know the worst part about Montreal traffic isn’t the speed you’re driving at or getting used to the general pace of moving through the city but the fact that CAD Rail’s property borders Autoroute 20 and trying to navigate in that traffic while trying to take an inventory of what’s in their yard using your well honed peripheral vision is a feat worthy of Olympic recognition.

Emi had mentioned how neat it would be if we could see some trains while we were in Montreal and I was describing CAD Rail to her. I joked about how hard it would be to ever photograph anything there as the yard itself is beside the highway and just pulling to the shoulder just isn’t realistic. As we neared their yard I could see what looked like a Santa Fe GP in the mix along with some former GO Transit green. It was then that she grabbed the camera and took this photo.


Considering the speed and how fast this photo came together it’s really great. I’m quite proud of it in fact. Sure is one heck of a lot better than anything I ever would have taken.

Way to go kid!


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