The Liveability Index

At several points in the comment thread that flowed from my Wrapping Some Data Around my Instincts post we discussed the idea of creating an alternate perspective for the elements in that list. To me, this meant that it was time to step back from the layout to think of it against the context of my life with it. As with that table, I’m just as keen to fool around with the idea of applying some of my need to chart data with my interest in model trains. Where in that first table it was easy to identify the elements and then ranking them across modeling scales I’m finding this not so easy. I can identify what the elements should be but finding a measure that feels “right” hasn’t been that easy.

My interest in this work is not to work through the exercise to determine a result or direction; I’m pursuing this just for little more than the sake of doing it and seeing where it goes. With that in mind, I thought I’d create a blog post for each of the individual elements. Each post will follow a similar structure and I’ll relate them all under their own category (Givens and Druthers).

I can’t say “Thank you” enough to those that contacted me directly or indirectly following these last posts. I really appreciate your input and interest in these ideas. It’s been so wonderful to be a part of this conversation with you.



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