Speaking of cardboard ties, check out Jim Read’s work.

Yesterday I posted about a turnout I’d made that used rail glued to cardboard ties. It was a first time experiment for me but I’m not the first to have gone down this road. I’ve mentioned Jim Read’s work before and what I tried was along the same lines as what he’s doing on his 7mm scale layouts. I’ve kept a link out to his work in the sidebar and here it is again:






  1. What Would Lance Mindheim Do?? Echoing through my head today on the layout. Great article and point made!

    More than that, I was getting concerned about the cardboard ties post returning to my Trackside Treasure sidebar for so long. Great to have you back, Chris! Your passion for blogging = your passion for railroading = your passion for life, right?

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Thanks, Eric.

      I appreciate the comment about the state of the blog. I hadn’t realised it had been that long since my last post. I hadn’t intended it but then it happened. Life, mostly work stuff, gets in the way in a way it shouldn’t.

      As for the What Would… comment I laughed. Hopefully Taylor Main reads this comment thread and mentions the What Would Chris Mears do T-shirts we’ve been joking about.



      1. I’m really caught up with the idea. Taylor and I have cooked up a couple that we find so very funny.

        I need to get the artwork finished and stay tuned. I need at least one of these designs before we Islanders embark on the first of annual op’s road trips.



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