Good morning Matapedia

Matapedia is a place I know well in model form as it forms the heart of my friend Taylor Main’s home layout. In the operating sessions he’s hosted I’ve had the pleasure of bringing a train into this station. In conversations about the prototype I learned even more about the station and railroading in the area. Fueled by this knowledge, I hoped to route myself through the town on my way home from Montreal.

I left Montreal around 8:30 the evening before and headed east. The snow started just east of Quebec (Levis) and the wind picked up as I drove. By the time I rolled into the Tim Horton’s at Mont Joli I was pretty run down and the storm I’d been driving inside of was at its height. Despite being rather tired, I was excited to finally be headed in this direction. With fresh coffee in hand and more fuel in the tank, I headed across Gaspe to Matapedia. I arrived in Matapedia just after six the next morning after some terribly slow driving. Despite being tired I still can’t find the words to describe how exciting it was to pull into the station parking lot. The station was beautifully lit and framed by the snow and the mountains. This was easily one of the most beautiful places I’d ever chased train stuff to.

I’m glad to have made the effort to have followed this route home and to have had the chance to see this in person. It’s a part of the country my friend speaks to so passionately and (equally) knowledgeably. It was neat to step out of the car and walk onto the platform and think to myself: “I’m here”.

You know what? I need to figure out how to use accented characters on this laptop’s keyboard so I can type in French correctly. I know I haven’t spelled Matapedia and Gaspe correctly above and this paragraph is me, reminding myself, that I need to be less lazy with regard to learning this.

Also, I’m not exactly big on photos of myself. Accordingly, selfies are something I don’t do. However, this time I figured this is why we take those selfies and I tried one on the platform. It wasn’t my first on this trip but hardly my tenth for all time. Even old nerds like me try something new eh?!



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