CN at the Oshawa GM plant

I’m continuing to dig through my stacks of photos and railroad paperwork. The photos, I’m scanning and after each is scanned I’m not going to be keeping them – except for the digital copies. I’m not attacking these stacks in any given order. I’m simply grabbing an envelope or an album and ripping through them. This chaotic order has brought me a few surprises and memories. Among them are photos I took on a railfanning trip inside the GM plant at Oshawa. I’ll confess my interests were to explore the CP operations but I did drop by the CN yard on the way out.

Pictured here are a “mother and slug” set of switchers that CN was using in and around the plant. Of particular interest is that these engines were modified to be controlled by radio control – it was the first time I think I’ve ever seen engines so equipped.



  1. Chris,
    What a great modeling opportunity that yard could be. Stacks and stacks of auto racks shuffled around into the proper loading order by the mother/slug team, with some boxcars of auto parts mixed in for variety. I’m finding that in “small” layout design, I’m drawn to single customer layouts. More realism in the small space!

    Thanks for sharing all the photos.


    1. Thanks for the comment Jeremy.

      It probably goes without saying but I’m very attracted to the idea of developing a customer-centric layout as you describe. Until recently, I had never really considered the possibility of a layout set in a distribution yard like the one here in Oshawa, Ontario. Of course, now that I’ve learned more about it I’m a lot more interested.

      I wish I had photos from every visit. Hopefully I find more as I continue to purge through the stacks.



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