Kinnear Yard

For the all too short a time when I lived in Hamilton, Ontario, a favourite railfanning destination was always a wander over to the Kinnear Yard. For the entire time I lived in Hamilton, this yard was always home to a set of three sw1200rs diesels and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect reason to visit.

Any given day these engines could be found working through cars that had been transferred to this yard from the Aberdeen yard or getting cars ready to send in return. Of further interest was that Kinnear represented the starting off point for the Belt Line and these engines would have been power for trains headed on this route. The Belt Line was an industrial track created to cross Hamilton and provide access to the waterfront industries that so defined the city itself. A chase across the city wasn’t the easiest to execute – that I remember.

Of course, I’ve been making a mistake in referring to Kinnear as a CP yard when I should be referring to it by it’s legacy as a yard on the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo. For more info on the TH&B I couldn’t more heartily recommend a visit to the TH&B Historical Society’s website:




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