Iain Rice’s book Finescale in Small Spaces includes a reference to a 4mm scale layout titled LLanastr.

Iain describes the layout, praising it’s minimalist design and how well that works in the space. I was certainly interested in learning more about the layout but it never occurred to me to try a quick internet search to see what might be there. The Youtube video above was among what I found. The attraction is not the small size or the minimal track layout but the way it still looks so spacious. To me, it looks like a rural station surrounded by nothing.

I didn’t expect to find an actual website for the railway but here it is:


Finally, the Scalefour Society’s site had a nice page on the layout including some terrific photos that really seem to showcase the layout:


I’m glad I went looking for this layout online. I’m really quite surprised at just how much information on it was available. The layout is one of those I find quite inspirational for the way it really showcases just how much potential can be found in such a small space. This is certainly one of those I’ll return to again.

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