Claremont Concord decals in HO

A quick cruise in eBay led me to this listing:

I have no connection to the seller and I haven’t seen the decals. Regardless, I’m excited and I’ve ordered a couple of sets of these to have a look at them. I’m a fan of the Claremont-Concord Railroad (my interest lies during the LaValley ownership period) and this decal set would be perfect for use on a model of the CCRR’s #30.

While I have no connection to the seller, I did exchange a few messages with him and each has been pleasant. I’m impressed with the service so far. I’m looking forward to seeing the decals and I’m thrilled to shine a light on a product that I haven’t seen produced before.

Frankly I’m surprised, constantly, by the lack of models or even just decals, for those with an interest in any of the shortlines owned or run by Samuel Pinlsy. Sharp red locomotives in beautiful scenery is such as easy sales pitch.

For reference, this nice photo of #30 at Claremont Junction, in front of the CCRR’s engine house will help in case you’re unfamiliar with this terrific little railroad or the engine I’m referring to:



  1. Reblogged this on Andrew's Trains – Formerly and commented:
    Over on Chris Meer’s Prince Street blog a recent post points to a new supplier of decals for the Claremont and Concord RR (yes that is the Railway that MR did a G scale layout of some time ago).

    The C&C is a great prototype for the small layout builder (especially in HO) and these decals are in HO scale and at first glance appear to be crisp and match the prototype exactly.

    While there are no guarantees, and Chris points out that he has not received them at the time of this post, these look very nice and here’s hoping that the seller’s customer service and the product meet expectations.

  2. Chris;
    Reblogged on the Andrew’s Trains blog. Please let us know how the decals work out when you get them. I love the C&C – which is a great prototype for the small space modellers. All the best and a happy easter to you and yours.

    1. Thanks

      As a side note I asked if he would consider printing a set with red lettering so one could model the CCRR’s yellow #119 and he seemed very receptive.

      I plan a follow up post once the decals arrive.

      Happy Easter to you too.


  3. I did a track-plan based on the MR one, in HO, some while back – I think it is on Carls Small Layout Scrapbook

  4. Chris,
    Do you have any contact information for the seller. I saw them listed, but waited too long. I haven’t seen them again.


    1. Hello,

      I looked and don’t think I saved his address or contact information. I did search my eBay purchases and see that his seller ID was “eddyld”.

      I bought sets to decorate a red unit such as #30 but I believe he also created sets for #119 when it was in the yellow livery.

      This link should take you to his eBay seller page:

      I hope this helps. Keep in touch if you have any luck with this or just to talk about things Claremont-Concord.


      1. Thanks Chris. I’m looking to model the #30. I saw the decals listed but hesitated. I’ll try the sellers info at ebay. Did you like the decals?


      2. I haven’t tried applying them yet so can’t comment on how well they work. The artwork and printing is nice though and I feel worth the money.

        I should contact the seller too, to see if he ever did the set for 119.

        If you don’t have any luck with the seller I could just send you a set from those that I bought – I bought more than enough for my needs.


  5. Chris,
    He in no longer making them, but he did have some left. I bought two. He does have some for the 119 they are listed right now. He also said he is talking to a decal company who is interested in his art work so they may become available again.


      1. Chris,
        Any idea when the south leg of the wye was removed in Claremont Jct? I was there in the early nineties, but didn’t get a picture that shows the south side. I’m modeling the conn river inn the late 70’s early 80’s.

      2. I don’t know but feel it would pre-date the LaValley era. While the siding was in place when they took over it was never used.

        I believe there was a thread somewhere online and I’ll go find it in my bookmarks. That might provide a date (year) or at least who to ask.


  6. No, I hadn’t, that is some really nice work. His Claremont junction is what I had in mind. I think I’ll use some modeler’s license and include it regardless. Having it there will make switching the interchange easier. And I like the sceene better with it than without. When did the LaValley era begin?

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