Neat drill tutorial

I can’t use a pin vise.

Every time I chuck a tiny drill bit into mine I do little more than drill a couple of lousy holes and break a lot of tiny drill bits. It’s frustrating and it becomes a great reason to not make a model.

Quite by accident, I stumbled across Tony Sisson’s Drill Tutorial. In a series of nicely annotated photos he steps through his tips and presents some techniques that, to me, would seem to address some of the things I’m doing wrong. I have a few small bits that have been spared my wrath of incompetence and I’m keen to try some of these tips out. This link will take you to the Tutorial and I’m also going to add a link to the sidebar so I can go back to re-read it again when I need to learn more.

It’s time I overcome this issue.



  1. Nice. For years (decades, in fact) I have been using a dome-headed pin – not of the dress making type, more similar to something used in upholstery – in the tail of my pin vices, but it never occurred to me to make sure that they were on the end of a tube, set to put the pin in the right place. I mention this because it means that you do not need a lathe to make the button that fits into the palm of your hand, just a large headed pin (a thumb tack will do) and some tube.


    1. Hi,

      Sorry for not seeing your comment or replying sooner.

      Quite a few nice tips in that tutorial. I sure am glad I went looking for whatever it was that originally brought me to his page and, ultimately, that tutorial.


  2. It took me what felt like eons after i bought my first pin vice and started trying to drill tiny holes before i got any clue what i was doing. Nice tutorial you found, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks. I feel like I’m still in paradigm. It sure was neat to read such a well written tutorial by someone who really seems to have mastered the work.

      I figured the main problem I was, and still have, is steadying the tool itself while drilling the hole. At the recent Maritime RPM a friend gave me a neat little lightweight version that I’m very keen to try out.



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