Paddock Wood Bay

Last week, while looking for something completely unrelated, Google brought me to a thread on the forum showcasing a nice layout a modeller had built over a frame made from corrugated cardboard. While I vividly recall how impressed I was, I can’t remember the name of the layout, the builder, or really anything else about it. Curious to go back, I’ve sat down with my trusty mug of tea by my side and returned to Google. While I still haven’t found what I went looking for, I did find this:

I know I’ve mentioned BCNPete’s work many times here before and I know I’m hooked on his work (he does model an era and subject matter that I just really like). What set the hook though was the way he designs this model railways. This is design going well beyond just track planning or designing the scene to creating a presentation that is itself just as attractive and captivating as what’s in the box. Each layout has become something that I want to stand back to look at as a whole as much as I want to be immersed within the scene.

For some reason I hadn’t seen his layout – Paddock Wood Bay – until now. The link above brings you to an introduction and overview of the project. I like the way he works up to a finished layout, starting with a full-scale model of the planned layout in corrugated cardboard. Long before any serious resource is invested in anything this provides a terrific study of the planned project and allows one to see into the project and practice using it. Not just as a planning aid, I think it would be fun to make the study model itself.





  1. Hi Chris,

    The layout you first referred to was “Port Penn”, built by the personable Ken Gibbons. It was on the previous version of RMWeb, but I mentioned it whilst commenting on Trevor’s blog:

    The track plan is a mirror image of Neil Rushby’s minimum space layout, “Abergwynant” – also a late 60s/early 70s BR layout in EM – although this is probably down to how little is possible in such a restricted space rather than the fact that they know each other!


    1. Thanks for the link Simon. That is exactly the layout and thread I was referring to.

      The plan itself is something like Llanstr as well as one Iain Rice proposed – itself directly inspired by Llanstr.



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