Mike McGrattan Memorial Train – Photo Thread

Over on The Railwire forums there is a thread chronicling the trip of a very special N scale model train across a series of layouts to mark the passing of one of the hobbies finest figures. On the forum, they’ve started another thread dedicating to showing the train as it visits each model railroad and I encourage you to take a moment and check in on it:


The idea for the train is touching. Already in the thread we see photos from some truly remarkable N scale layouts. Each layout showcases some outstanding modelling and each follows a Canadian prototype.

I never got a chance to meet Mike but I was a fan of his work and proud of his attitude toward everything he touched. If I can be so bold as to add one thought: as I scrolled through the photos I couldn’t help but think how even in marking his passing, his name would be attached to shining the brightest of lights on some truly superb model railroaders and their work. That folks, seems to sum up just how great a man he was.

As I typed this post I thought about a eulogy that Jason Schron gave. Jason copied it to issue number eighty of the Rapido Trains newsletter and you can read that by clicking on the link below:


Just as I was so impressed with Mike’s own uncanny ability to showcase and shine the brightest of lights on the Canadian N scaler, I am equally proud and impressed with Jason and his ability to find the words to express the way this hobby introduces us to so many truly superb people.

We have a lot to be proud of.



  1. Mike McGrattan was a fine person. I didn’t get to know him well, but through my few meetings with him at shows, and through Rapido, he came across as a great person. The reaction to his illness and passing that i saw from my friends who work at Rapido told me as much and more.

    I’ve ordered one of the N-Scale memorial Gondola’s Rapido is selling to raise funds for Mike’s son’s RESP, and seeing this post, i wish i modelled in N-Scale so i could honour him by giving his memorial train a run.

    Thanks for sharing this, its nice to see our hobby brining people together in both good and sad times.


    1. Thank you for reminding me about the gondola. It’s a superb project I had fully intended to support and then forgot about. I need to fix that.

      It’s an amazing hobby and in times like this I’m reminded of just how good it is as providing sanctuary during difficult times, a voice to express an idea, or a medium to connect people.


  2. Well, that is just superb. What a great tribute. I never met Mike but so many people have spoken so well of him.

  3. Great memorial tribute idea and thanks for highlighting it, Chris.

    I’m reminded of Mike’s own Li’l Puddy boxcar which travelled across borders to also visit its share of N scale layouts, during or before his time with Rapido.

    As we know, models are one thing, but the people behind them add another deeper, more meaningful layer to the works of their hands.


    1. Thank you for mentioning Li’l Puddy. I remember well that thread and the travels of that little boxcar. A couple of years ago, at the Maritime Federation of Model Railroaders convention in Moncton the folks from Rapido had made the trip east to attend. Also in attendance was that superstar boxcar. It was so cool to see it.

      I’ve long insisted that the models are just as, if not even sometimes more, effective at joining us together than the “real” trains they are based on. I feel like what I’m seeing here is just more evidence to support that belief.


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