Some Saturday Morning

So with the test baseboard complete I thought I’d tease out one track plan idea, to full scale, and tape a paper copy over top. It looked so nice and one thing led to another and, soon enough, out came the camera and some stock. Thought I’d share a couple of photos before continuing on with this morning’s errands.



runaround complete



I’m becoming quite sold on the layout of the track within the scene but, in terms of context, I have some decisions to make. It was fun to break out one idea that was far enough along to support these kinds of shenanigans and just enjoy being on the porch on a sunny Saturday morning. Well, the tea’s done now and I should get one with a couple of errands of a rather time senstive nature.



Categories: How I think, Prince Street Layout

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  1. Looks great, Chris! I look forward to seeing where this goes.

  2. The Franklin Spur and now layout plan all in one weekend. I feel like a railroad-related-Rip Van Winkle. Thank goodness I woke up to see all these developments on Prince Street! I even liked just the 44-tonner and the B&M covered hopper all on their own, track, paper or whatever. You, sir, are on a roll!

    • It’s nice to be back at writing again. I missed it but the words just weren’t there. That’s just a quirk of my wiring and it’s nice to be back on the upswing again.

      Now if I can translate some of this energy into something productive, layout-wise, I’ll really be on a roll.


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