Croft Depot

Thank you Facebook. Lately I’ve been discovering the Facebook pages modellers have been creating for their model railways. What they’re doing is like a natural evolution of the blog or website platforms we’ve been using for the same ends. The funny thing is, regardless of how I feel toward Facebook, I just never thought people would use it for this. I’m surprised and that’s good. Meanwhile, I guess it was only natural for Facebook to learn my new patterns and, in doing so, to start suggesting more pages just like those that I should like too.

Today it happened and the layout Facebook introduced me to was Croft Depot. A quick search should bring you to the Facebook page I was introduced to. Rather than share a link to that, I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the excellent Scalefour Society maintain a page for the layout on their site:

In addition to that page, there’s a nice thread on showing the layout at the show:

The model railway is based on a real life location and this page on the Disused Stations website provides some nice history and a map of the actual track layout:

It’s such a beautifully executed small layout. Built to the P4 (finescale) standard it’s an excellent example of creating something to such a high standard in such a small space (about three square feet). May as well mention that it’s another Inglenook track plan too.

But, it’s more. I really like the very well thought out execution. A study in even and muted colours, all showered in a well lit and cleanly framed design. Despite its small size it still has a short staging yard for trains to come from and go. Rather than being hidden behind a panel, even this small area is framed and well lit. I’m really impressed by this exposed staging model and it’s an idea that I want to remember.

Heck, if all I did next was build an exact copy of the layout I think I’d be okay. Rather than step through a list of reasons why I’m impressed I just want to say that I am. This is one of those layouts that so completely impresses me in every way.

I hope you like it too.



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  1. Regarding Facebook I’ve started using it for my modeling as well. I still like the longer form blog post but there is something nice about smaller quick posts.

    • I see potential for it there as you describe. It would be useful to help distinguish between regular Facebook use and then more blog-centric postings in terms of audience.

      The layouts I’ve seen are mostly British and I’d think that having these in Facebook would also be useful in terms of promoting them for exhibitions.


  2. What a lovely presentation. I love these self contained designs. They make so much sense.


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