Bachmann’s New American

Guess I missed this news too. Recently, it appears, Bachmann have completely retooled their 4-4-0. They’ve had their Jupiter and #119 versions of the model in their catalogue seemingly since time began. I don’t believe I’ve ever owned the HO scale one but I’ve had several iterations of the N scale and I still have a few here.

Looking at the Bachmann website this evening, the model just looks sharper then heck. I’m a sucker for early 4-4-0’s and it doesn’t take much to get my heart racing when it comes to these engines. I’ve yet to see one up close but the photos sure make them look appealing and it’s obvious Bachmann have done some superb work in refining the model. It looks quite sharp and I want one.

Not content to update the model’s design, they’re also offering a version in their Sound Value range. It’s fun watching some Youtube clips such as this one on Bachmann’s channel. I mean, sure, the sound isn’t the same as being trackside but the difference in price seems worth it for the decoder alone.

I’ve owned my fair share of engines crippled by crappy cracked white plastic gears made by someone who should know better and instead decided to do something stupid Bachmann engines to feel just a bit apprehensive about buying one. I’ve seen a lot of models lately that I liked but it’s still been quite a while since I’ve felt this tempted.

This is certainly not a thinly-veiled allusion to a layout just trying to burn off some desire.


One comment

  1. The new tooling is impressive. I still think that if/when I buy one, it’ll be to model an essentially derelict, stored, locomotive.

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