Tape “clamps” and tea drinker’s dreams

What the world needs now is…


Some Gorilla Glue to bond the 1/8″ MDF strips to the long sides of these two layout boards. Despite what the world really needs, I could use some proper clamps to aid in this type of work. In lieu of the correct tools, I am improvising with a tight band of tape wound ’round the work and a prayer that as the glue sets up it doesn’t expand with much force.

“All will go well” I tell myself.

For now, ladies and gentlemen, back to Mr. Bacharach.

Not the most exciting model railway construction photo ever posted but then, maybe we need a few more of what the work looks like when it’s in progress; over some plastic bags being used to protect the surface of our long-suffering dining room table – where the magic happens.



    1. The art stores here in town don’t seem to carry it but the lumber yards do. I have seen it at the art shops in Halifax though and intend to pick some up next time we’re visiting.

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