Weekend Update


Nothing here would happen without tea. Luckily I am ready. I realise that in grabbing this quick photo, I’ve inadvertently taken my second (ever) selfie.


Not a photo of a rather dubious looking ice cream sandwich but the first of two module sections I’ve been working on for the model railway. Previously, I built a test section with a foam core and clad in light plywood. Since building that I was curious how well a light MDF might work and these sections were made up that way. Each panel is 10×48″ overall. The core is 1-1/2″ thick foam and it’s clad in 1/8″ MDF. The resulting sections are even lighter than before and feel every bit as rigid. They will absolutely require some method of sealing and I’ll need to wrap the edges too. That’s next on the agenda for the weekend.

Some turnouts made up. Both are in N scale. There’s a back story that makes these particular two something to celebrate but that story is Krista’s and not mine.

Luckily there are always things to do, like paint the hall, shingle a wall, or start working on the gardens to ready them for fall.


So, with some module bases made up and some track being built I guess I should figure out exactly what I’m doing. While trying to figure that out, I dug out the saw and cut some sheets of MDF apart into two groups: 1″ wide to make up a spline-style of subroadbed and some 2″ wide ones that I’ll use to clad the edges of those modules.



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