Adjustable cabinet legs

A friend of mine, from England, is working on a portable N scale layout. In a recent email, to update on his progress, he mentioned a set of legs he’d attached to the bottom of his layout – something normally intended for use under kitchen base cabinets.


I thought that what he was doing was brilliant. Reading the email, I had that “gonna do this” feeling. A quick search online shows my local Home Depot carried something similar and I picked up a set. I still have that initial feeling but it’s now joined by a “this is really brilliant!” one.


The leg is adjustable from four to five inches. It does come apart so, in theory, one could replace the centre section with a longer length of tubing (threaded of course) to raise the layout higher. I’m okay with this shorter length as I intend to have my layout rest on top of things like bookcases or tables. Compared to some of the other contraptions I’ve employed on traditional layout legs, I sure wish they were as easy to adjust as these. Instead of some finicky nut threaded onto the bottom of the leg, this is easy to grab and adjust. Further, no trying to find the right wrench to spin that nut in the first place.

I bought mine at Home Depot for $11. I’m sure most home improvement stores would have something similar in stock. This isn’t any kind of endorsement of the store, but here’s a link to their web page for the legs I bought in case you’d like to learn more:



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