Manchester Central – just layers of “Wow!”

I’ve been following this thread on RMWeb for some time now: Manchester Central, CLC & GN Warehouses & Castlefield Viaducts. The thread itself started around 2011 and by page six construction is really underway:

When you start at page six, the builder is working on a bridge. Looking at the first prototype photo the real thing appears simple enough but as each component is modeled you start to notice more detail that was lost when looking at the overall. In this way, the work of the modeler is an education in how things are made, both in miniature and “in real life” and that’s a dimension that enriches the long before it’s complete. The work is clean and well executed and results in layers of beautiful models of individual components, themselves to become richly detailed and greater compositions. The thread has already reached 128 pages in length. Accordingly, it’s not a quick read but it shouldn’t be either. This is work to be savoured and enjoyed and spread across 128 pages you have just enough time to start doing just that.


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