I’ll have what he’s having.

A week ago, Simon Dunkley posted a comment on another post suggesting I take a look at this model railway plan:

Shortly afterward I did just that and then followed that up with a comment and post to say how much I liked the plan and how keen I was to see how it would turn out. This week in an email exchange the subject of the plan came up again. Something about the moment caused me to see just how very well that particular plan works for me. So, I’m just gonna make myself a copy. Granted, to fit my space, I’ve edited the plan but the concept remains much the same as originally presented. Beyond just the track plan but I can see a version that just looks so very right to me in terms of scenic treatment and story. With no reservations I’m moving forward. This inertia feels very good and I’m grateful for the opportunity.



  1. Chris is not the only one who is inspired by this simple yet brilliant concept for a “less is more” layout, but he’s further ahead in doing something about it than I.

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