What comes out in the wash

My latest layout update is: Most of the ties are glued down now and the glue has dried on the first batch (I stuck them down over the course of two evenings) so I had a chance to start washing some colour onto them.

When I set to work, to start colouring the ties, I had a certain script set in my mind that prescribed what I was planning to achieve in terms of how the finished ties should look. After fussing around with the work I was pleased in my ability to execute my plan but not sure if I liked how things looked. Part of my uncertainty is that my references are photographs of track where the ties are as much a part of the finished scene as the surrounding scenery and it’s difficult to filter out the other visual “noise” and focus only on the colour and condition of just the ties, so I can compare the thing I’ve created to the thing I was trying to recreate. Once upon a time I had an art teacher whose strength was found in her ability to get her students to see what was actually there and distinguish that from what we wanted to see or assumed we saw. Ours is work where we negotiate a place for our style that is somewhere between the completely abstract and the very skilled and the perfectly executed miniature of something real.

I guess that’s my thought for today.




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