What’s neat worked for me

I’m one of those folks who just don’t tend to sleep late. On the weekends, I try to find something that I can do quietly without disturbing the rest of the house. If that moment is around the first of the month you can usually find me and the cat on the couch, with our morning coffee in hand and watching Ken Patterson’s latest What’s Neat video.

Way back in the December 2015 video he suggested a tip about routing wires through the very thick foam base on his model railway. The problem is simple: Invariable, while snaking the wire through the foam it starts catching in the foam. About midway through Ken’s video, he shows what he does. It’s a simple variation and I think quite brilliant: he simply routes a length of brass tubing into the hole and then the wire just slides through that. Once the wire is in place he removes the tube and gets back to the task.

While running power feeds on my own layout, I thought I’d try this technique out and it worked just perfectly every time. It’s quite a slick idea and something I plan to just keep doing.

Here’s the video:


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