Proto 87 Stores spikes are here

Sure. Everyone takes a turn saying “Damn. This are tiny!” when they first open their package of spikes from Andy Reichert’s Proto 87 Stores. A little while ago I placed an order for three frets* of their “Longer True HO Scale Spikes”. To the original sentiment, I’d like to add some comments like: What kind of crazy fool orders the regular length ones?!

When you’re on Andy’s website he lists the dimensions of the spikes. The ones I ordered are: 0.120″ long and 0.010″ in section. Sure I “know” how big that is, but those are the kinds of dimensions that really don’t resonate until you’re holding something that big. What really impressed me is that these are not etched metal, “These are precision milled from…” I’d like to watch that being done. Must be one heck of a neat machine to watch working.

I’m impressed with the quality of these. They are beautiful. Once upon a time, I used to be in the habit of collecting kits and model parts that just impressed me by the quality of the parts. Kits and parts I never intended to make into anything. Things that were just a joy to own and look at. These spikes are things like that. I could see being happy mounting a fret of these on a matt in a picture frame. They’re that nice.

I’m not even going to bother trying to take a picture of them to post here. We both know I don’t have those kinds of skills.


Three frets means that I have two to try out here on my layout and Taylor wanted to try some too



  1. Everytime I use them I say “Damn. This are tiny!”, but what I find amazing is when you are trying to jam it through the hole in the Proto87 stores tie plates and all of a sudden it feels like you are shoving a log through the eye of a needle :)

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