Found and not found


I’m still on the hunt for some micro DPDT toggle switches. “I know they’re here somewhere in one of these boxes!” I proclaim from the attic. I mean, really, why don’t I just label them so I’ll know, in the future, what’s stored where. Broad, simple labels like: crap, junk, model trains, Holy Grail…

Buried deep inside a box containing largely old diecast Matchbox, Dinky, and similar cars and trucks I found the above control box. At one point, my Dad and I had constructed an extension that would join our respective model railways. Required electrically was a means of identifying who had control of what. A couple of slide switches and then we just needed something to house the lot it, but what?

I don’t know if Gold Block really was the aristocrat of pipe tobaccos but their tins sure made for rather nice boxes for projects like this one. Over the years I’ve owned a variety of hand-held controllers such as throttles or fascia-mounted boxes like the one above and so many in housings such as this recycled one.

True, I still haven’t found the toggles that I still believe I own several dozen of but in searching for them found a relic of perhaps much greater value.


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