“Like a Swedish conspiracy”

Thursday morning in Freeport, Maine. A perfect snowy morning. Christmas is still in the air and the town looks so pretty. I don’t mind shopping. I really don’t. That said, the girls went on ahead while I parked the car. Teasing my short attention span, on my way to meet up with them, Freeport welcomed me with distractions like coffee and, if Amtrak’s schedule offered, a train. If I hurried, I could meet up with the girls to let them know what I was up to, grab that coffee, and then wander back down to the station in time to watch the westbound train on its way through town.

I’ll have to compare my notes on this consist to the one I photographed back in September to see how consistent the cars are. Do they wander onto other routes?

A couple of days later we were in Montreal. While wandering around IKEA I noticed a guy that looked really familiar. My eyes are lousy but he just looked so familiar. I figure you can really only stare at a stranger for so long before you need to go over and explain yourself. In my case, either it really was Roman Hawryluk or someone that I’d soon need to apologize to. Luckily, the former worked out. I regret that previous trips to Montreal just haven’t afforded some time to catch up and then, completely by accident, we were both wandering around IKEA. As we joked, our paths intersecting like that was probably more than just coincidence. Luckily, if it really is a conspiracy, I’m okay with that. So, from that chance encounter a pretty neat blog title to start the first post of 2017.

Now if only the IKEA’s conspiracy can provide for another terrific day of chasing commuter trains around Montreal that wouldn’t be bad either.

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