Never done that before


Last night I started working on building my first three-way turnout. This is the first of two a friend has asked me to build for his On30 layout. By the time I started waving the camera around, I have it mostly assembled and tonight I need to start making up and installing the different point blades.

One change I made that I think I’ll be employing for every turnout I make from here on is to solder together the two rails that form the frog point before installing them on the ties. Separating this task has made it so much easier to concentrate solely on the angle they need to assembled at and not be so preoccupied with their position respectively within the overall turnout.

Already it’s fun to roll a test truck through each route. I can’t wait to get the points installed so some real testing can begin!



    1. Exactly.

      I like the way it distinguishes both parts of this activity. I can focus on only the frog angle first and then when that’s finalized and I’m content with the shape of the frog I can solder it into the turnout.

      Feels brilliant. Glad I’m adopting this change.


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