7 days of beer

Before I begin, a cautionary note from our sponsors: No model trains were consumed during the publication or creation of this post. Now, back to your regular programming.

Moth Lane Brewing (facebook.com/MothLaneBrewing)

A week ago we were gathered at Ed’s to work on his model railway. While I didn’t remember him previously mentioning that he’d been to visit the folks at Moth Lane I couldn’t not overhear that there were growlers of their beer on hand. Conversation flowed from our individual best ideas on how to fix a problem turnout to whether or not the stout or the IPA was the better beer. Having tried both, I’m in the privileged position of believing that they were created equal. Never have we been so lucky. The IPA was jam-packed full of hoppy goodness and that stout could easily replace Brick Brewing’s Waterloo Dark as my current favourite “go to” for a darker and heavier beer – a title I take and bestow rather seriously.

And the award for the most stunning artwork on a growler goes to Moth Lane. Just wow!

Upstreet Craft Brewing (upstreetcraftbrewing.com)

On Monday, Krista and I attended our first Charlottetown Makerspace meet-up. It was hosted at Upstreet. I brought some N scale turnouts I’d built and Krista brought a knitting project she was working on. We were welcomed by some great folks keen to share their Arduino, costuming, gaming, and similar passions. Craft sodas and beers flowed freely and a damn good time was the thing we made. Upstreet’s bottled product is something I try to have on hand at the house regularly but visiting the brewery often offers the chance to try some limited run beers only available on site. Last time I was there they had a neat German (Weisse?) beer that they’d made that I was looking forward to. In its place however was a smoked Porter that I haven’t entirely made my peace with yet.

In the days that made up the rest of the week, I was grateful to have a stock of their Eighty Bob in the fridge to take some of the pressure of the dwindling Shiraz supply. Need to get some more wine started…

Schoolhouse Brewery (schoolhousebrewery.ca)

This weekend brought us to Ski Martock. Their lodge includes a pub and while their fridge runneth over with a fine selection of local product, their taps were from Schoolhouse. This was a first experience for me and I enjoyed a glass of their Vice Principal IPA. Certainly interesting enough to go “back to the tap” as Randy Bachmann might say.

Hell Bay Brewing (hellbaybrewing.com)

I feel like Nova Scotia has become a bit of a promised land for the beer lover. Standing in the liquor store and attempting to simply pick up a case of beer I was almost overwhelmed. It’s a very good problem to have and I hope it only gets worse. With a name like Hell Bay Brewing and a beer described as a Dark Cream Ale I couldn’t resist and I think this is one of the real winners of the week. I brought a few home and doubt they’ll last as long as I’ll later wish they did.



    1. Hi Steve,

      Before anything else I must apologize for how long it’s taken me to see your comment. Sorry.

      Thank you for the shoutout as well. Much appreciated.

      That stout you mentioned sounds interesting. I’m a fan of the richer beers and am quite excited to see them appearing in more and more smaller and local breweries.

      Here on the Island, there was a time I easily remember when even a pint of Guiness was hard to find. Those days seem so many pints and days ago.



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