3 March, 2017 18:03

I’ve been working on some blog housekeeping. Part of that is deleting some posts that I just don’t like, at least what I wrote. The goal here being to leave behind a “tighter” body of work.

Unfortunately when I delete a post the comments are lost too. I wanted to address that issue and apologize. I am grateful for every time when someone reads something here and offers to join in. I am no less grateful for that connection.

Sorry. It really is me…


Categories: How I think

2 replies

  1. Hey Chris, why not simply categorize the posts into collections? This way you don’t lose the history, but you still have the curation you’re thinking of.
    Feel no remorse for deleting this comment one day, though! :-)

    • I agree on the categories. I have used them in the past. The current categories will be culled and then posts moved to the appropriate ones – in much the same vein of effort.

      I’ll still regret deleting comments and hope folks never take the act personally.


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