Nice tutorial on static grass


I understand the appeal of using “static grass” on a model railway and the basic techniques involved. Furthermore, the benefit of using a selection of grasses of different lengths seems equally obvious. What I couldn’t seem to understand was how you were supposed to stick it all down in layers. Often, I’d read or hear about how a modeler stuck down a field’s worth of fibres of one length and then went back and stuck down more later. To my simple mind, I just kept envisioning layers of fibres stuck down over top each other and not the pleasantly varied field we all had in mind.

I know. Once again, it’s me.

I wanted to post the video part to mark how it helped me overcome a simple comprehension issue but more so to showcase what I think is just a very well done tutorial. Despite what ___ insist, every so often someone actually does elect to compose a truly great video on their own and make it publicly available. Good content exists and is worth celebrating. I like the camera work, the length of the video, and I feel that even the soundtrack works.

Well done, thanks!




  1. I’m still not sure i get how to apply and layer static grass, even with a well done video like that. It is however definitely something on my list to learn how to do and attempt at some point when a project offers the opportunity to create a grassy area again. Good find and thanks for sharing.


    1. I don’t understand it either. I have some static grass so really just need to try this for myself. What I don’t have is a decent applicator so perhaps that’s a hurdle to cross.

      I get layering for ground foam but not static grass. I guess I’m just a ground foam guy living in a static grass world.


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