Hello Krista

It’s been almost eight years now and I have probably written at least a thousand posts. Given that I periodically delete content, I’ll never really know for sure. Regardless of the exact count, it represents a mile marker and certainly something to celebrate. Most importantly, I am so humbled by the number of friends I’ve made along the way. Thank you, everyone, it means so very much to me that all of this introduced us to each other.

Thank you!

I often remark that: in my opinion, I’ve learned more about model railroading from conversations about the hobby I have with Krista than I’ve learned anywhere else and I’m so completely thrilled and excited to welcome several posts from her, here. I have suggested a couple of topics that have featured in our conversations but mostly just asked her to write.

Once upon a time, in a story on the Vinyl Cafe, Stuart McLean said: “A little bit nervous. A whole lot excited.”

That pretty much sums up the moment right now.


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  1. Well I’ve heard of R/C planes and even R/C boats. But the ladies in our lives let us do some R/C model railroading, where R/C stands for Reality/Check. As much as they sometimes say they don’t want to hear ‘anymore of that train stuff’, they do bring us a different perspective.

    Once Krista does one or half-a-dozen posts, I’ll be asking Karen do the same. Instead of saying ‘Welcome Krista’ I think I’ll probably be saying ‘Well come on, Karen!’ but she might prove me wrong. Given that we share the railway/craft room space, we do occasionally ask the other’s opinion on our respective railway/paper-crafting projects.

    Blog on, Chris and Krista, blog on!

  2. Looking forward to the Kontent!

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