…was a little over two months ago.

I applied for the job over a year ago. At the time, I knew it sounded like fun. When I submitted my application it never really occurred to me that they might actually call my bluff and offer me the position. Sure, I mean, during the winter I had received emails from our Human Resources team that reminded me of my “suitability” but you never really expect that to go anywhere.

And then it does.

At the end of March they offered me the job in Dartmouth.

“The end of March” feels like standing on the top step of a tall ladder. You can see as far as an eye can see but spend most of the time looking down and hoping that the step you stand on, the one clearly marked “Not a step!”, doesn’t know it can’t be one. From the end of March, the first of May is a lifetime away and I had, like, forever to get there.

And then the next day it was May 1st.

And now it is June the fourteenth.

This post is for the blog.

I don’t want to write a post that sounds like a confessional but I do want to acknowledge the time and how things just suddenly went quiet on my end. During the week I live and work here here in Dartmouth and on the weekends I drive back to the Island where the girls are. On those drives I carry an eclectic play list of music for the car and a conversation for myself wherein I mostly talk to myself about design ideas and contemplate the state of the model railways. Some of those ideas will be remembered as stillborn blog posts and some I’m looking forward to exploring in a more tangible way when things start to settle back into a routine. Some, you should join me to talk about in person – I hope that happens some time soon.

Mostly, this post is for Krista.

I never planned things to go quiet just after Krista’s post but that’s how it worked out. In no small way that’s exactly how things should have been and I’m glad for that. During a time like the one we’re moving through right now, time is punctuated by a series of major life changes like selling the house, finding good schools, and somewhere good to live. Despite how many times I believed, with complete conviction, that I’ve just charted a course for certain doom she’s proven me wrong and I’ve never, ever, been so happy to have been so wrong. She hates John Prine but I can’t find a song with a better lyric to mark this moment: “She is my everything”

So, in a rambling sort of way, that’s where the time went. Once upon a time I accepted a job offer and because of that we’re in the process of moving to Nova Scotia. We’re excited to be here and excited to head out on this adventure.

Wait, there is a better song. One she does really like. One we both really like and it goes like: “Two of us riding nowhere…on our way home.”

I love you Krista

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  1. Good to see you back Chris and well done on the job! Look forward to seeing “how life pans out on the rails n the road(s) Happy trails..

  2. This post is so beautiful, and I think I speak for many Prince Street followers in expressing how glad I am to see a new post from you. The drive to the ski hill or the grocery store or some restaurant in the country is usually punctuated with our discussions about design. I miss those trips but am looking forward to the time when they are routine again.

  3. L’amour, toujours l’amour….

  4. This is not your everyday ‘Chris blog post’ and the comments prove it. It was worth the wait! All the best to you and your family during these changes.

  5. You never know where life will take you. We moved halfway across the country just about 8 years ago, and I don’t regret it. I hope it all works out for you and you all thrive in your new location. At least you can always drive back to the Island now and then. :)

  6. Shucks, if I’d known you were in Dartmouth now, I would have called when I was there on Monday. Good luck with your new position!

  7. Well, I am glad to know that it’s good news that has kept you from posting, which has, of course, been the bad news.

    My wife and I made five major moves in our thirties, some for her career, some for mine, but all for US as a couple. Friends worried about the risk to our marriage, others, perhaps friends, perhaps not, told me that moving to follow my wife would destroy my career. Hah!

    We celebrated 50 years of marriage in December, and we both wound up with highly satisfying and financially rewarding careers. Our children are interesting, adaptable, and successful people who have in turn had multi-stop careers.

    Not every move was wonderful in itself for any of us, but each led us into new opportunities that we would not even have imagined had we stayed put.

    Very best wishes to you and to your family in this new venture. Have courage, have mercy on each other, learn.

  8. Wish you and your family all the best Chris

  9. Wow. Everyone.

    Thank you for the comments and for checking in. This is terrific and I really appreciate all of them.

    Thank you!



  1. the regulars – Prince Street

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