“It just feels so cool”


My walk after work today brought me to Atlantic News, on Morris Street, here in Halifax. There amongst a generous assortment of model railway magazines were three copies of Model Railway Journal number 254. For the first time ever, I have just bought myself a copy of this magazine in person! Every copy of this that I have arrived in the mail. Often by way of exceptionally generous help of friends in England.

It probably sounds silly to confess, but it just feels so cool to just wander into a store and buy a copy of this like it was any other magazine.

More random thoughts…

I don’t always care for MRJ. That’s okay because it’s just a magazine. Regardless of whether or not I liked the copy, the fact that I probably only have it thanks to the generous help of a friend instills in each copy a memory of that relationship, which in turn makes each copy pretty darn good.

I hadn’t even intended to go for the walk. I was sort of cranky (really…a bit anxious and a little melancholic just for fun) after work today and thought I should probably just see what some wandering and sunshine might do. Stop number one was my first visit to The Wired Monk for coffee and a slice of carrot cake. First time visit to this really pleasant little coffee shop and it was delightful. I’m looking forward to going back soon.



  1. Atlantic News in Halifax is great, a unique window on world press & journal quality in NS where there are few others. Share your view on MRJ, occasional purchase for me. I prefer specialist Gauge 0, narrow gauge & shortline journals.

    Dava [on RmWeb & NGRM in UK]

    1. I spent an enjoyable evening reading this copy of MRJ. It is a real privilege to have had this time to dedicate to this activity and I’m grateful for that. I don’t think finescale modeling should be reduced to simply track and wheel standards. It’s an attitude and an approach to the work where care and patience are practiced, where good design is a cornerstone. The magazine is just so well designed. Every advertisement. Each block of text. Everything is so carefully designed and there’s never a point where I forget what I’m reading. They care as much about how they present as what they present. I find most articles expose the modeller’s journey into practicing their craft and using the medium of model railways to both represent an idea from their imagination and also a muse driving learning and skills development. For example: Reading about Mike White’s Semley layout, I was impressed with how he has leveraged very modern technology (e.g. 3D printing) with classic technology (e.g. etching) to better model Edwardian railways. That article wasn’t a shopping list or a recipe card, but commentary on what the journey has been like so far. What worked. What didn’t. What’s next. And thanks to Atlantic News, I’ll be back regularly now.


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