The tease

Traipsing around town, the thought occurred to me: It’s not getting to see the thing that’s so exciting as the moment you are first invited to. That moment when you don’t have to decide if, whatever it is, is important or not.

VIA Kentville

I promise there’s model railway content coming shortly but for now I’m between errands and wanted to express that thought.

Categories: How I think


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  1. This picture has it all: intriguing verbal content with intriguing visual content. Shiny cold surfaces, warm light in the window on the right, the orange raincoat on the left. I am being pulled down the alley toward the car and the turret roof behind. I think it’s a station. I want to go, but I want to know what is in the shop window. I want to know about the girl in her flash of orange. Is it a poncho? Is she beautiful? Is she walking out of the frame or just caught, getting ready to turn to cross the street.

    The magic and mystery of everyday life. Model that?

    Glad to have you back!

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